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Steps to Finding Your Soul Mate

20 Points to Creating The Perfect Relationship



When will I find my soul mate?, Or is this the right partner for me? is a question which is often asked.

couple in love having a coffeeWhat is meant by “soul mate”? Actually, a soul realized is complete in itself and has no need for the other. This term we use “soul mate” is really code words, which signify our deep desire to find a loving and fulfilling “life- mate”.

The problem using the words “soul mate” is that it also has the connotation of perfect and finding the “one-and-only”. This is unrealistic. This sets you up to finding someone who cannot live up to those unreal expectations and then leads to disappointment and dissatisfaction. Of course, then you need to go out and start all over again to find your new “soul mate”—your newest “one-and-only”. The good news for you is that it is much more realistic (and easier) to find the right man/women that can bring you those qualities that provide a loving and completely satisfying relationship for life a “life-mate”.

It is important to know for yourself what it is you want in a relationship. When I say “you”, I mean on all levels; from the mental, emotional, physical and to the spiritual—what is it you truly want in a fulfilling relationship? What are the qualities in a man/women that you are looking for, and that are compatible to yours.

There are a number of points to consider and specific likes and dislikes when manifesting a new life mate partner into your life, or even creating a better partnership with the one you have.

Look into yourself to see what is most important to you.  Visit Psychic Nirup home page and click on the button to view this process.

Using Your Intuition and Higher Knowing to Create Better Relationships

Over twelve years ago I created the Intuition and Inner Knower process, from working with thousands of clients on relationship healing, helping others to know if the partner they were with was the right one for them, and using the technique to communicate better.

Using the Inner Knower process can help to create your soul mate partner, to get in touch with yourself on a deeper level of what your true desires and dreams are and to manifest the right partner for you.

This process can also be used to help understand, heal and make better family relationships, work and career relationships, and relating in general to others.  In using this Intuition and Inner Knower process it will help you to connect to your own inner thoughts, patterns and beliefs, in order to release and heal past traumas, and patterning.

The more you use this simple process you will develop the knack of reconnecting and living from your INNER TRUTH so that you can be the MASTER of your life. Through this Inner Knower process you will develop your higher knowing to know your next steps in life and what you want to create for your future.  This process has helped thousands to change their life.


Visit my website for the home study course Intuition Inner Knower to learn how you can use this technique at home. You can also schedule a session with me over the phone, SKYPE or Face Time.

I’ve been reading many books, going to seminars, and picking up energy techniques in a haphazard fashion for 20 years, finally thanks to the Sedona Sacred Light Institute, this study course of  Intuition and Your Inner Knower, gave new information and insights that I have never been able to get anywhere else. I was able to develop my intuition and learn many wonderful techniques to guide me along my spiritual path. Lorraine S. FL

The ‘Inner Knower Process’ technique provided a forum in which I was able to develop my intuition, clear away patterns and beliefs that got in the way of me doing that before. Nirup provided guidance as to how to get to the core and defuse some of the debilitating effects these feelings cause in me.  Nirup is a wonderful teacher, and guides you with compassion, love and awareness, she knows “You” and can give you the exact tools and guidance you need to awaken and develop your divine self.  Carol J, Ohio

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