Relationships - Healing Negative Emotional, Mental and Energetic Attachments
Cutting the Cords in 5 Easy Steps

From: Sedona Sacred Light Institute
RE: Understanding what to avoid and steps to being yourself again

This technique is for those who feel stuck in their life, feeling like a victim or in an unhealthy relationship to others.

Are you in a relationship to someone that is getting you down, making you feel
depressed, miserable, disconnected, stuck, guilty, and feeling that there is no way out?

If so, this is for those who want out of a negative relationship, emotionally, mentally or physically;
but find themselves stuck for one or more reasons, and need a helpful process
to dissolve the attachments (cords) that seem to bind themselves and others.


Unfortunately, I have clients who come to me

in this state of emotional stress.
The heartache of knowing you're in a
wrong relationship or have a negative relationship,
to family, friends, but feel you have no way out, can wear
you down into this type of feeling sad and not sure what to do.

Many of my clients that come to me are going through these exact same feelings. Over the years I have helped many clients to connect to where they are stuck in life, and to help them release these patterns, beliefs, and feelings. I was asked by my clients to create a CD so that they could share this process with others, and so I am now bringing this amazing technique that I have developed to you, so that you to can in 5 easy steps can become free and create a life worth living.

The main problems are being unhappy, feeling stuck, and the loss of time.

In many cases, the loss of time of feeling stuck can be from 1 to 20 years or more. The feeling of being stuck and not knowing how to get unstuck can get anyone feeling guilty, sad, and miserable. This can come from family members, business partners, friendships, husbands & wives, and significant others.

Some attachments that may be holding you back from moving forward in a relationship are:

  • With an old love relationship are still hanging on, in the hopes and dreams of your getting back together even though it has been long over.
  • Do you have a fear that you need the other person in order to survive mentally, emotionally and financially?
  • Do you hang onto the feelings of blame, anger and feelings of betrayal in order to punish the other person or use it as a protection or excuse not to move forward, allowing yourself to stay in the victim role.
  • Are you afraid to feel lonely, or that you will never meet anyone else, so feel it is better to hang on.
  • Do you feel fearful that you do not have the power and strength to stand on your own.
  • Do you have trouble making decisions because you feel the need to consider others points of view more than you own?
  • Are you putting your life on hold in order to accommodate someone else?
  • Do you feel obligated to meet others expectations or approval in order to be loved?
  • Do you feel overly responsible for others peoples happiness?
  • Do you have a hard time seeing your children as adults and letting them go or seeing them mature enough to make their own decisions.
  • Are you overly controlling, protective or fearful for your child?
  • Do you feel your children owe you for what you have given them in any number of ways.

The solution is in 5 easy steps in the
CD "Cutting the Cords" Releasing Negative,
Emotional, Mental and Energetic Ties to Others

You can get free from a negative binding relationship. This freedom is only a small part of the freedom that you can experience. With this Cutting the Cords process you can also become more empowered in all aspects of your life, and create a life worth living.

Now there is a way out from staying stuck
in a unhealthy relationship.

  • The whole program is in only 5 steps.

    This means that it is easy to follow.

  • Real Value.

    The cost for this in person service can cost many times this amount, so you can save money using this CD instead.

  • I have used these five steps with hundreds of clients.

    The benefit is that this is time and customer tested.  In other words, it works!

- It is very affordable.
- The system has been time and client tested.
- It is a simple and easy step-by-step process to follow.

By cutting your attachments, you will feel a sense of wholeness in yourself and gain your inner strength to express who you are and to create a life you want. You also will have the willingness to take time for you when needed. This process provides the opportunity to empower yourself.

My clients asked me to provide them with
something that they could share with others.
This is why I created this CD --
Cutting the Cords in 5 Easy Steps.

Cutting the negative cords to others can give you a great sense of relief and begin to let yourself become happy and healthy again.

Good News...I have a special $10 discount for you if you purchase today.

If you buy today the price for the CD--Cutting the Cords-- is only $24.95.

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Here are a few of my clients testimonials

"I feel that a weight has been lifted from me. Thank you so much."

I was in a relationship that was holding me down, and my energy was drained.  And yet, I wanted to move forward, but I felt obligated to stay because it was my mother. Now she is in a nursing home and she feels better, and I feel that a weight has been lifted from me. Thank you so much.  Mary, Phoenix AZ

"What a powerful exercise. THANK YOU FOR THE CD!"

It is humbling to see how another person and their energy (cords) can create and bring so many emotions and beliefs in you.

The cutting of the cords involved 4-5 areas where I was attached, and the process of letting go of beliefs and the technique to do so was amazing, after 45 minutes it felt complete, done.   I like the part of facing him and saying what I needed to say.

It was an excellent CD, I really like your voice and spoken demeanor.  It was good that we could stop the CD or fast forward it to each step, that way not feeling any pressure to get it done too quickly to keep up.  I can't think of any thing that would have been better, it was a complete exercise and I like that you gave explanation AND examples to help open our thoughts to where we needed to go with it. (going to deepest level of a thought or feeling).

My heart feels much more open. Thank you so much Nirup!  You are a blessing to me. In New Light and Power, Pam, Redding CA

"All I knew was that I had to do it for my higher good. "

I just completed the "Cutting the Cords" technique applied on Jerry, and I must say I found the exercise very interesting.

One thing is to be conscious about the beliefs that I kept on attaching to him, and another was writing them in terms of cords.  I even made a drawing of the two of us with cords joining us from specific points.

All I knew was that I had to do it for my higher good. When I finished the process I felt a sense of release and relaxation.
Tomorrow I'll try it for the cigarettes. I'll let you know how it worked when I am complete.  Love and Light, Francis, LA, CA